Ditch the Gym and Get Fit with these Fun Exercises

We all know that exercise is essential for maintaining a happy, healthy mind and body – but for a lot of us, it’s a challenge. If you’re not naturally athletic, then finding the motivation to exercise can be hard. And though the trim ladies and handsome hunks in the posters for your local gym might make it seem like a sweat-free paradise, the reality is quite different.

Anyone who has signed up for a gym membership and dragged themselves along to exercise for the first time in months will tell you the truth: it can be a yawn-inducing experience that frequently involves embarrassing grunts, red cheeks and more sweat and tears than that time you tried to bake a chocolate soufflé.

While there’s nothing wrong with working up a sweat, there are hundreds of ways to get fit that can be more enjoyable than hitting the gym. Here are just a few fun exercises to get you inspired…

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Stress-Busting Done Right: How to Relax After a Hectic Day

All things considered, the modern era is a remarkably comfortable, calm and peaceful time to be alive when compared with the Middle Ages (Bubonic Plague anyone?) or the Victorian period (most famous for corsets and consumption). So why is it that so many of us feel stressed out and overwhelmed by our everyday lives?

Part of the reason is our constant connection to the internet. Our smartphones and laptops might make banking, shopping and dating a doddle, but they also allows us to obsess over social media, question our self-image, and receive constant, terrifying glimpses into global politics.

Of course, learning how to switch off, relax and unwind after a stress-filled day is not just about turning off our devices – it’s about tapping into what makes us feel happy, safe and comfortable. If you’ve had a nightmare of a day and you’re wondering how to relax your mind and body, read on for some easy self-care and stress-relief tips.

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The Perfect Sunday: How to Beat the Sunday Blues

If there’s one thing all humans can agree on, it’s that Mondays were sent to try us. The thought of returning to work after two glorious days of freedom can make it hard to even get out of bed – let alone face emails, conference calls and the perennially broken office photocopier. Of course, it’s not just our Monday mood that suffers – that icky feeling can often leach into Sunday too.

So, what can the average person do in the face of serious Sunday blues? The answer lies in a mixture of activity, good food and relaxation. But for more inspiration, check out this dreamy itinerary for things to do on a Sunday.

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