How to plan the perfect Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

Let’s face it – few of us would be where we are today without the love, care and support of our Mums.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start planning something special to help inch you over the line as Daughter of the Year.

Afternoon Tea is a classic, but you don’t need an overpriced restaurant to make it happen.

It’s much more fun and personal to do it at home – here’s our top tips on how to plan the perfect Mother’s Day afternoon tea for family and friends.

Put a spin on a classic

Seeing as you’ve decided to host it at home, you have a lot more freedom about what to do. It’s all about the small personal touches.

A centrepiece filled with your mum’s favourite flowers and serving up her favourite jam – they’re simple and subtle but will mean a lot and really show you care.

Also look for ways to make it fun. Instead of name place cards for example, use an old photograph of each person attending. It can also serve as an ice breaker when you sit down to eat.

Plan your spread

Food takes front and centre for an afternoon tea, so plan in advance and make sure you have plenty of variety to keep everyone happy. Especially your mum.

The traditional afternoon tea is served on a tiered cake stand. The bottom layer hold sandwiches, followed by scones, and then topped off by sweets.

There’s a few different ways you can go about doing things. You can stick to the timeless classic of scones and cucumber sandwiches, or turn afternoon tea on its head with your own theme.

If you’re a family of morning people, something like “beforenoon” tea could be a fun alternative – switch out your cucumber sandwiches for sausage rolls and instead of scones you could make mini bowls of yogurt and granola. Finish off with a variety of sweet pastries or go for something more fruity – our Fibre One Lemon Drizzle Bar tastes great and has the added bonus of being guilt-free.

Think of drinks

Planning your menu will probably take up most of your energy, but as it’s called afternoon tea it’s key to think about drinks, too.

Serve a glass of bubbly when everyone arrives, then make sure you have one or two varieties of tea to choose from – Earl Grey and Afternoon Blend are two black teas that are flavourful but not as strong as your classic builder’s brew.

Again, it’s all about the small touches. Steal tips from the world’s great luxury hotels by adding slices of lemon or cucumber to a carafe of water for the table. Want to really outdo yourself? Toss in a sprig of mint.

Think of the entertainment

Mother’s Day is a great excuse to get together and enjoy time with your family, so think of how you can make the most of your day together.

Special events always have speeches for a reason, but if that’s a little formal for this relaxed occasion, try this instead – tell everyone in advance to prepare a story or anecdote or go around the table in turn and talk about one or two qualities you love and admire most in your mum.

Games are fun too. A family game of bingo – complete with prizes – or even a game of charades might be just what you need to finish off the event on a high. Look for your Daughter of the Year award in the post…