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Three brunette women with rollers in their hair.

The Ultimate Girls’ Night In

Who wants to go out when you can stay in?

While swanky bars and sky high heels are great sometimes, there’s nothing like getting together with a few of your besties and spending an evening at home in slippers instead of

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A woman sitting cross legged with a cup of tea and a laptop.

The Perfect Sunday: How to Beat the Sunday Blues

If there’s one thing all humans can agree on, it’s that Mondays were sent to try us. The thought of returning to work after two glorious days of freedom can make it hard to even get out of bed – let alone face emails, conference calls and the perennially broken office photocopier.

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A table top with a notebook, a selection of pens and a Fibre One 90 Calorie chocolate fudge brownie.

Quick and Easy Snack to Have at Your Desk

When it comes to busy work days, nothing halts productivity like a rumbling tummy!
We have some great suggestions to get you through to lunch or the end of the day – healthy snacks you can easily stash at your work desk.

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Photographers on the red carpet taking pictures of a blonde woman.

Party Ideas for the Perfect Movie Awards Bash

The 2017 awards season is fast approaching, which means it’s time to gather our celeb-obsessed friends, assemble a chic selection of snacks, and settle in for a long night of glitz and glamour, gorgeous gowns and gracious losers.

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A brown lunch bag with a green apple and takeaway cup of coffee.

Quick Lunches to Take to Work

It’s not always easy to come up with new lunch ideas for work. Our intentions often start out well – so well, in fact, that we spend Sunday afternoon whipping up a vast batch of courgetti to parade around the office come Monday lunchtime.

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Close up caramel chocolate brownie.

Easy Christmas Desserts & Sweet Treats

The festive season is nearly here, that brilliant time of year when you get to relax and indulge with family and friends.

As those of us with a sweet tooth know all too well, when it comes to the Christmas feast,

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A woman taking a Fibre One 90 Calorie bar out of her handbag.

The Handbag Essentials Every Woman Should Own

Every woman is different, which means every handbag (or clutch or rucksack or tote) is different too. But ask the average gal on the street and she’ll probably tell you she wishes her own bag were a little better organised and more sensibly stocked.

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