Chocolate Fruit Fondue Recipe

You’ll love dipping into fresh, sweet strawberry and chocolate sauce with this tasty selection of nibbles.

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1 Serving
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10 minutes preparation
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222 Calories per serving (approx)



  1. Roughly chop 3 of the strawberries, and place in a blender or a bowl (if using a stick blender). Whizz until smooth, and mix with the icing sugar. Spoon into a small dipping bowl. Spoon the chocolate sauce into another dipping bowl. Stand both bowls on a serving plate.
  2. Cut the Salted Caramel Square into 3 fingers. Cut the mango into wedges, and peel and cut the core from the apple, and thickly slice. Arrange on the serving plate with the remaining strawberries, and serve.


  • Use any fruit you like for this delicious plate. Why not try grapes, fingers of pineapple or melon.
  • A tasty alternative dip would be either a ready-made salted caramel sauce or reduced fat custard.